A Kinky Story

Welcome to Kinky Mitts, where we embrace the wild side of winter with style, durability, and a dash of playfulness. Our brand is born from the slopes, crafted for those who crave adventure and demand exceptional quality in their ski and snowboard gear but don’t take life too seriously. Let us take you on a journey through the story behind Kinky Mitts.

Losing Our Originity

It all started on a pow day in the mountains, where we were chasing untouched terrain. In the midst of the action, a mitt was lost as a result of a good ol' fashion backcountry piss break. Frustrated by the lack of wrist leashes and uninspired by the bland mitts available at the local shop for a replacement, we decided to take matters into our own hands—literally.

Armed with a pair of basic workman's mitts, one of the Kinky team members unleashed their creativity and transformed those boring mitts into a canvas of self-expression. They drew a design that not only reflected the most-beloved shapes in the world but also addressed the shortcomings of many of the mitts we see on the mountain today. That moment marked the inception of Kinky Mitts—the birth of a brand that celebrates individuality, functionality, and a touch of cheeky charm. 

About The Mitts

Though bold and brash to the naked eye, quality and performance remain a focal point for Kinky Mitts. Crafted from premium pigskin leather, providing the durability and warmth needed to conquer even the dodgiest conditions. Oversized palm patches add a layer of reinforcement, ideal for grabbing those big ol' hooters and booters with confidence.

Inside our mitts, you'll find cozy 5-finger thermal insulated liners that not only keep each finger snug but also ensure they stay in the right place, eliminating the risk of slipping into the wrong hole. The stretch-fit knitted cuffs wrap around your wrist, keeping the snow out and the warmth in, while reinforced leather cuff tabs make it a breeze to pull your gloves on and off without turning those cuffs into roast beef.

And let's not forget our signature Kinky Premium Elastic Wrist Leashes. Whether you're cracking a cold one or getting a little handsy on the lift, these leashes keep your mitts securely attached to your wrists, ensuring you never lose them in the midst of your mountain expeditions. 

Our Promise

Kinky Mitts are not just about ensuring your hands stay dry and warm – we're about making a statement and keeping things sexy. Skiing and snowboarding is fun and exhilarating; your gear should reflect that too. Our mittens are a celebration of individuality, a nod to the expressive era of winter sports that has seemingly been lost, and a commitment to making every descent a memorable one.